Jose Laurentino Neto

"Theoretical Thinker" Aspiring Physicist

Dec 262012

I am not a physicist; I do not even hold a college’s degree. However, over the past 30 years I have followed science and their “presentations”. Finally, I came to the conclusion that a non-scientist has to step in.

I used to see science as science and not religion … and I would like it to stay that way.


(originally posted on April 1st 2012 at 9:52pm)

Dec 262012

Funny: science has come so far that, apparently, they ran out of real science. Now “they” had to come up with a new breed of their own: “Theoretical Physicists”.

These ones are making it just about impossible not to see the new science as a religion: throwing so much mambo jambo at us that it is becoming difficult to even want to hear them anymore.


(originally posted on April 1st 2012 at 9:30pm)

Dec 262012

Life in another planet, solar system, galaxy, or parallel universe? Not a chance!

Is it too much to think that on this entire universe only Earth has intelligent life? NO!

Earth, until someone proves me wrong, IS THE ONLY PLANET belonging to a solar system; which belongs to one of the trillion galaxies in the vast Universe that, over 4.6 billion years (another mambo jambo: the precise Earth age) was able to blend the necessary elements which, over time, made possible the Homo Sapiens. Take it at face value!


(originally posted on April 1st 2012 at 9:15pm)

Dec 262012

UFO’s, ghosts, e.t.’s: all fruits of imbalanced minds.

UFO’s: do you really think that if some other intelligent life in the Universe existed and was able to travel the vast distances, bending time-space or otherwise, would need to let be seen when visiting (or exploiting) this planet of ours?

Would they come all this distance to remove cows intestines or put a probe up or through a human orifice?

Every UFO sighting can be explained one way or another. Cover ups do not exist. Mass hysteria is possible. The same applies to extra-terrestrials.

Ghosts, spirits, etc? Again: fruit of an imbalanced mind.


(originally posted on April 1st 2012 at 8:39pm)

Dec 262012

As a mere observer and thinker, it is hard to understand how the Star Systems stay away from each other at a safe distance. Dark Matter and Dark Energy might have a saying on it but we haven’t, yet, been able to understand their language.

It is my belief that, the same way the planets in the Solar System have their gravitational pull and, the Sun itself, keep everything in the Solar System at a safe distance, Star Systems, very probably, also have their own Gravitational Push.

That Gravitational Push is, probably, at the edge of the influence of the power emitted by the Star.

The same way a rocket needs to be flying at 11.8 km/s to leave Earth’s gravity, there might be a magic speed needed to leave a Star System.

Should my thinking become reality, Voyager will boomerang back into the inner Solar System and not leave it as expected to happen within the next two years.

Dec 262012

Some documentaries, basing on Einstein theories, mention a remote possibility of traveling through time. Some go to the extent of exemplifying time as SOLID SLICES as in a card holder.

My own approach is that time is a flat 2-d thingy: there is only the NOW. There is no past and there is no future. Everything is “saved” on a flat momentum.

You can visit (visualize) the past by going through records as in ancient documents,  fossils, films, etc. You can plan the future (predict) assumed none of the possible variables involved will change value (as in constants). You can only, for certain, predict the next second in time. Everything else is left to probability.

Time is just a reference anyway. As discussed in numerous occasions, the early humans used the Moon and the Sun as time references. Later the clock was invented and, then, the calendar. But, all in all, time is just a reference not a physical matter.

In Einstein’s theory of relativity, as presented by physicists in the world, if a traveler leaves Earth at light speed and return some time later, he (her), the traveler, would have aged much less that the earthlings left behind.

Well, let’s extrapolate:

A human is sent, at light speed, from Earth (Solar System) to the next Star System which is at 4.7 light years away.

In a round trip; assumed he(her) will just boomerang back to Earth, he(her) would have traveled 9.4 light years in distance.

9.4 light years means that the trip took 9.4 years traveling at the speed of light. Therefore, the time elapsed to the traveler and to the earthlings, was only 9.4 years.

The aging on the traveler will be affected as much as the earthlings left behind and, the time, unless you want to insist that traveling at light speed is bypassing time itself, is the same.