Dec 262012

As a mere observer and thinker, it is hard to understand how the Star Systems stay away from each other at a safe distance. Dark Matter and Dark Energy might have a saying on it but we haven’t, yet, been able to understand their language.

It is my belief that, the same way the planets in the Solar System have their gravitational pull and, the Sun itself, keep everything in the Solar System at a safe distance, Star Systems, very probably, also have their own Gravitational Push.

That Gravitational Push is, probably, at the edge of the influence of the power emitted by the Star.

The same way a rocket needs to be flying at 11.8 km/s to leave Earth’s gravity, there might be a magic speed needed to leave a Star System.

Should my thinking become reality, Voyager will boomerang back into the inner Solar System and not leave it as expected to happen within the next two years.

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