Mar 112014

“The visible Universe is about 14 and a half billion years old” … that’s how “far” the scientists can “see” out there. The measurement is based on how far out there a Star has been able to send it’s light back to earth.

Based on observations, the Milk Way, our Galaxy, is in the form of a spiral. Still, based of observations, it has been estimated that the Milk Way is 100,000 Light-Years wide and 30,000 Light-Years thick. It is estimated that our Solar System is located near the end of one of the spiral legs somewhere about 30,000 Light-Years from the center of the Milk Way.

All of this is based on observations and guesses or “theoretical” measurements. Our Solar System is somewhere around 287.46 billion kilometers in diameter or about 5.5 Light-Hours. For those who don’t know, a Light-Year is equivalent to 9.4605284 × 10e15 meters or approximately 9.5 trillion kilometers (or approximately 6 trillion miles). That is the distance in which light travels in one year.

The Voyager I; Nasa’s space probe, was launch on August 20th, 1977. On September 12th 2013, 36 years later, it was announced that it was venturing into interstellar space; meaning that it would leave our Solar System within a few years. “PASADENA, Calif. — NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft officially is the first human-made object to venture into interstellar space. The 36-year-old probe is about 12 billion miles (19 billion kilometers) from our sun.”

The closest known galaxy to us is the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy; which is located 25,000 Light-Years from the Sun.

The closest star to our Sun is Proxima Centauri which is located about 4.2 Light-Years from our Sun.

Let’s do some math:

Voyager I “is venturing into interstellar” … at 19 billion kilometers from the Sun …

The Solar System radius (distance from the Sun to the edge of the Solar System) is about 143.7 billion kilometers …

It took 36 years for the probe to go from Earth to it’s current position …

That position is an extremely small fraction of a Light-Year ….


The scientific community cannot really estimate how big the entire Universe really is but “THE UNIVERSE IS ABOUT 14.5 BILLION YEARS OLD”.

The edge of the Universe is not known or cannot be seen or reached with current available technology!


The Universe is part of a MultiVerse (multiple universes)!

There are multiple universes in bubbles!

The BIG BANG THEORY describes the origin of the Universe.

Then, comes the STRING THEORY which, to describe the SINGULARITY of the BIG BANG, says


Singularity: single point … but, TWO OTHER UNKNOWN ………

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