Mar 122014

Global Warming as a man made thing is a hoax! Global Warming is just a term that a proficient politician picked up and tried to make a case to put humanity into a halt momentum. Since then, interested parties have done their best to take advantage of the “phenomenon”.

Did you ever try to compare your size (volume wise) to the planet Earth? Now, gather 7 billion of you; all the vehicles in the word; all the industrial chamines; all man made poluting devices in the world together in the same spot. Do you have any idea how much that amounts to in comparison to the volume of Earth, our planet? My wildest guess is that all those together would not fill the State of Texas in the United States and, that, amounts to, I guess, 1% of the volume of the planet Earth.

Our planet, Earth, is a living machine that processes everything thrown at it and turns everything back into reusable product.

Yes, man has been making it harder for himself to live in this planet but the planet itself has not suffered with it. It will continue it’s course in it’s own history.

Natural cicles of the Universe and, in our case, natural cicles of the Solar System, has changed Earth since it’s creation. Man has been making records of changes since he started observing them. Yet, man has learned to take advantage of others by exploiting his knowledge and the lack of it in the others.

to be continued …

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