Jul 262017

It simply never changes: we keep been manipulated by the interested at all times.

President Donald J. Trump has shown to be very smart when he answered, correctly (as I see it), the question that all wanted a whole different response.

Question: “Mr. President, do you think traveling to Mars is important?”

Answer: “Very important! However, we need to rebuild our infra structure first!”

WOW! Could there be a better way to slap everyone (a.k.a. interest)?

“Mars and beyond” has no place in the current world. It could be a plan for generations centuries from now. Sure; it does not hurt to start preparing or paving the road. But let’s not destroy our present, living in the future.

Another problem we have is the “scientific world”. Theoretic Physicist? What is it? Someone with plain theories that want to change the real world without any proof?

Well, I self proclaimed myself a “Theoretic Thinker”. I think of theories and put lots of hours, weeks, and even months into them. I believe I have some good ones. Unfortunately, I do not hold a PhD or even a college degree. So, my words are just for me …. and for those few who take the time to read them.

“Thousands of years from now Earth might not be livable and we need to explore our choices”. Theoretic Physicists and some Physics Laurels.


Perspective: it has been 48 years since we left the atmosphere of this planet in an effort to conquer space. 48 Years!
Why the rush to go to Mars?

“We will terraform Mars and make it a livable and breathable planet.” Too many to list.

We cannot even solve the urban pollution of our inner cities and we want to terraform an entire planet?

What part of this entire MARS movement is real?

There is only one way we will ever going to Mars and, chances are, by then, we realize that we really don’t have to or should even attempt: one step at a time.

A [space] ship to carry people to Mars would need to be enormous. It would need to have so much in life support and other paraphernalia that it would be impossible to leave Earth. It needs to be assembled in space or on the Moon and take off from there.
It will take decades to be built and tested.
It will take funds not yet available.

In one recent documentary, a “spokesperson”, in an effort to make it appetitive, mentioned that all technology available in the world today is due to all efforts and researches done with the National Space Administration Agency. That the iPhone was only possible due to its efforts.

NASA funding: $0
APPLE’s CASH: over $200 billion

How about if NASA get smarter on sharing it’s findings? How about some non-expire kind of residual?

MARS Generation, the kids, is a good idea: prepare the preparers of the preparers …..

There is too much cash available to be mined on this Earth and I am not talking about crypto currencies.

Create/Build a space hotel;

Create/Build a massive lunar base/laboratory;

Make getting to those as cheap as possible.

I like Virgin Galaxy approach … with the SpacePort USA.

I like Elon Mask’s ideas …. to certain extent.

I would love to see a merged Virgin/X agency. Those two could become the Google of space.

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